fuck sundayIf you haven’t gathered from the title, I’m not actually writing this on a Monday. Now, it is Sunday afternoon. Even though I have Game of Thrones and Mad Men to look forward to tonight, right now I am stuck at home staring at a phone and hoping it doesn’t ring. If it rings, it means I will have to work.

Such is the nature of being “on call”. However, it is a gorgeous day outside so being on call is more or less ruining my day since part of being on call means I need to be about 10 feet away from my computer at all times. So I’m just sitting here, killing time, hoping that fucking phone don’t ring.

I think I have the beginning of a good blues song right there.

Sittin’ here,
Killin’ time,
Hopin’ that fuckin’ phone don’t ring,
If she rings I’ll be workin’
On a sunny Sunday afternoon,
Thinkin’ bout the bad times,
Thinkin’ bout the good

Enough of that. 

So, what’s going on with 9to5? Well, so far May has been our biggest month of 2012 in terms of hits and site traffic. I won’t share the actual numbers with you since I’m not one to kiss and tell.

Ok, you got me, I’ll spill: The numbers do a little butt stuff but they would kill me if I they knew I was telling you.

We want to keep that momentum going and what better way to do that than to bring back some of the ole’ (and some of the new) Vagrants? Right before I wrote this I sent an email out to the usual gang to see if they had anything cooking around in their beer and whiskey soaked brains. None of them have gotten back to me yet, but then again, that might be because they’re homeless.

I’m just kidding. Except Ronan, he might actually be homeless in a few weeks. This is also actually foreshadowing but I won’t explain how.

They won’t have their own day and don’t expect them to update as regularly as the four of us do (ie: less than not that regularly) but they’ll start popping up, I just know it.

The other thing that is exciting news for the site (and terrifying news for my future) is that my current job (yes, the job that currently has me shackled to a computer on a Sunday afternoon) comes to an end on Tuesday. This means that until I get myself a new job, I will be almost full time devoting myself to being drunk. I mean, working on the site.

I’m gonna try to make a few little video shorts about being unemployed, I’m gonna keep working on Fear and Loathing and perhaps most excitingly, for the first time in the 9 month history of 9to5.cc I might even find a way for you to give us money.

Yeah, I’m sure that’ll work out real well.

I know, this really should have been about something other than the site and I should have avoided descending into a flagrant circle jerk but fuck it. I’m stuck at home when I could be outside or napping.

I get to do what I want in these conditions.

Peace out 9to5ers.

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