Okay, so this guy and his family go out to play some mini-putt in Barrie Ontario, right? Good times for all, family fun, plus this course glows in the dark. Hella-awesome, right? I know. He brings along two of his seven children, and his girlfriend.

But while they’re out, these three teenagers stumble on to the course, drunk and smashing stuff. So this guy, Brad Hubbard, goes over to them and tells them to knock it off, they’re scaring the kids. Brad is six-four, two-eighty, and cut an imposing figure.

So these teens stab him in the neck with a broken putter, and he’s pronounced dead at the hospital shortly afterward.

Okay, well, that is a terrible way to go, and the Police have arrested three teenagers; Justin Spring, 18, Jake Workman, 18, and Matthew Spring, 19, and charged them with second-degree murder.

My condolences go out to Hubbard’s family.

No word yet from former attorney and activist Jack Thompson on the dangers of mini-putt, but I really hope to have a comment soon.

Mike Myers has signed on to make another Austin Powers movie. I am distraught, not because I have anything against the franchise, but rather because he’s doing this over another “Wayne’s World” flick. I do not think the comedy well of the word “schwing” has been fully tapped.

Comedy in the 90's

At least it’s not another “Shrek: movie.

Jacques Martin, head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, doesn’t care.

Well, that’s according to Andrei Kostitsyn, in and interview he gave to Belarusian sports website Goals.by. Maybe. That website is not in English, and I can’t read Belarusian. Maybe it’s in Russian. I also cannot read Russian.

In any case, tsn.ca translated his comments, which are:

“I can’t guess about next season, my relationship with the coach is not too good.

It wasn’t me who started to play badly, It’s just that I was being put into (the) third and fourth line…I’ve tried talking to (Jacques Martin) more than once. But he doesn’t care.”

Okay, so this may sound a bit to you like AK has some sour grapes, but I posit that any coach that keeps giving Scott Gomez top-line minutes has some dark agenda.

Jacques Martin has not commented on this as of yet.

Montreal Canadiens head coach Jacques Martin

August in Montreal, ladies and gentlemen. We must always be talking about hockey here. It’s a fact.