Although some may already have seen this on Reddit, i decided this should be my first Art contribution. I was feeling artistic this one day, but had no clue as to what i actually wanted to draw. So i asked my boyfriend, Trevor, and asked “What would you like to see me draw?”

I half expected him to say something along the lines of a character from a comic or cartoon that he liked. But no. He turned to me, with maniacal glee shining in his eyes, and blurted out (as if he`s been waiting his whole life to be asked this one question)

“An ostrich with a shark`s head!”

I didn`t question it.

I googled reference photos of the two animals, and combined them to the best of my abilities.

Now to those of you whose first thought was “holy shit can you imagine having that running at you”, just be thankful it can`t fucking fly.

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