I’ve been holding onto this one for a few weeks. Not the article, I’m writing that right now. The idea though, I’ve had it in the back of my head for a while. I was sort of hoping to have a small video clip to share with you this morning, but Scott’s stupid wedding got in the way of my time this weekend and I’m still feeling exhausted from a weekend of wedding revelry. So I still need to do a voiceover for the clip, should be up either later this week or I’ll just hold onto it for next Monday.

I also sort of hoped that Jorn would have posted on the site by now so that I could split the Fuck Mondays up a little more, as it is I’ve done 6 of the 8 editions, so it’s almost as though I write 2 weekly blogs (not to mention the blog entries for the comics, bringing that up to 4 weekly submissions). Sort of cuts into the time I’d like to spend writing other articles for the site (I’ve been writing a review of Comix Zone for almost 2 weeks). Thems the breaks right?

Wedding was beautiful; Scott’s now a married man.

Fuck your stupid skinny jeans.

Levi’s sells a pair of pants that they call “The Ex-Girlfriend Jean”. I guess the idea here is that your girlfriend has broken up with you because you’re not fulfilling her needs as a man and in the breakup she forgot a pair of jeans at your house. You then, having lost your way down the slippery slope of metrosexuality, put on her jeans and leave the house. This is not your delightful grandfather’s cross-dressing.  This is a pair of jeans that are intended for men but clearly (in name and in shape) made for women.

I don’t really understand the allure of skinny jeans. I understand the idea of tight jeans on a woman: men like to see legs. In the absence of bare legs, we’d like your pants to cling to your legs, so we can imagine what your bare legs look like. It’s why I can understand tight shirts on a guy, to show off abs or gut or whatever. Ladies love guys without their shirts, so tight shirts are the trend. I’ve asked around though and nobody likes guys’ legs. Especially not the spindly little chicken legs of guys wearing skinny jeans.

I’m talking the extremely skinny jeans here by the way.

Anyhow, I’ve nearly hit the 500 word mark that I’ve set for myself this morning, so I’ll close off by saying I don’t feel like writing anymore because I got a flat tire this weekend that might cost me $300 to fix. I truly believe that this article could’ve been a lot funnier and better put together but I simply did not care enough to make that happen.

Here’s a panda rolling down a hill:

I’m still ten words shy of 500. Nope, not anymore.

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