"But homey this is my day. Class started 2 hours ago, oh am I late?" Can't Tell Me Nothing

I like to put a little alt-text with each of these image files for Kanye and Noam comics. Today it’s a line from Kanye’s song “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”.

The full verse goes:

Let up the suicide doors.
This is my life homey, you decide yours.
I know Jesus died for us,
But I couldn’t tell you who decide wars.
So I parallel double parked that motherfucker sideways
Old folks talking bout back in my day
But homey this is my day.
Class started 2 hours ago, oh am I late?
You know I already graduated
And you can live through anything if Magic made it.

Kanye West is a multi-millionaire, folks, and that is part of the reason why. Mass education.

TGIF indeed.

I claim no copyrights to the words or to the photographs, just for the smashing of them together. If you are the holder of said copyrights, please contact me. We can talk. Do you know who owns Peter Pan?

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