Those of you who have been keeping up with the comic may recognize this image. You may also know that even though i do all the illustrations for the comic, Scott is the Color Guy. He also had to adjust the image by cutting off from the top and bottom since i shaped it all funny. So i felt i should share the full image in all it`s glory, colored as my brain imagined it.

I`m happy with how it turned out. It pretty much encompasses the things i love.

A Barbarian. I love big, rough looking bearded men. I can`t help it.  I felt a barbarian might express that well.

The “axe” he is wielding is actually James Hetfield`s old ESP Explorer. This represents my love of old metal. And of course Mr H, as he is also a big, rough looking bearded man.

A cookie shield… well i just love cookies. Chocolate chip are my favorite.

Cookie Monster holding a bottle of beer. Well… for some reason i crave cookies when i drink beer. I don`t know why… the guys don`t understand it and tease me about it.

Tentacle Monster! I love that thing! And tentacles! I drew that thing once on an unsuspecting friend. I only had a black sharpy though, so i`m glad to see it in color now.

Giant fucking rainbow. I put that in there, with the cute little hearts and music notes and shit, because as badass as some of the things i enjoy are, i can still be a giddy & giggly girl at times. But i didn`t want it to be too happy looking, so i threw in some bats and skulls and shit to even it out.


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