In this episode Scott and I go it solo. Wait, that doesn`t make any sense. We go it duo? That sounds like a sexy thing. That’s all wrong. Anyhow, Jon wasn’t around so we did a nice lowkey podcast where I talked about shitting myself. Yep, we keep it classy.

  • We talk about reddit again, despite Scott’s insistence that we shouldn’t.
  • Scott and I swap embarrassing stories, Scott had a lisp, I shat myself. I think I win. Or lost. Maybe it’s a grey zone.
  • We discuss the different ways people make modern comics.
  • Red Hulk is getting more ridiculous, sounds impossible, but true.
  • For some reason, we talk about pot. Neither of us are potheads. Oh right, we talked about Kevin Smith and the Widening Gyre. Again.
  • More childhood stories, growing up left and right handed.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 2 is super Japanese. Super Japanese. I have a first world problem: there are no achievements or trophies on the PSP.
  • Achievements in video games fucking suck.
  • Going to Barcelona just makes me want to skateboard all over it, thanks Tony Hawk.
  • DLC sucks too.
  • Really, we talk about poop and videogames, which are really the mainstays of the entire site.
The song we use in the intro is “Shiny Spaceship” by the 8-bit Ninjas.  Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.