The NHL has teamed with Adidas for the 2017-18 season to produce the 31 jerseys our beloved and hated teams will be wearing. 9to5 has assembled the finest team of sports and fashion (and sports fashion) experts we could think of, in Keith, Topher and myself.

Let’s start with the Pacific Division!

The Anaheim Ducks


Scott: Very small changes to the uniform. They are losing the 3rd jersey, which is a shame because sports need more orange jerseys. But the rest of the league is gonna step up to help. Losing the 3rd jersey means they’re also losing the last of the Wildwing logo. They’re keeping the shoulder piping, which I like. But the triangles on the sleeves are too faux-modern for my liking, and I loathe teams wearing too much black.

Topher: Gotta say, not a fan of their jersey. Too much black and not enough Orange, gotta agree with Scott on this one, the league needs more orange in jerseys. I’m having trouble finding legit 2018 jersey uniforms to see more images, but whats the deal with the logo? It looks like the bleached it. Try again Anaheim.

Keith: I agree. I mean, maybe it’s easier to want to keep the Wildwing thing when you’re not an actual fan of the team. But to go from a team with a teal jersey with a sweet duck mask on it, to a team with an orange jersey with a seat duck mask on it to a team that is now basically just another team in black with a “D” on it is kind of a bummer. If I was only a casual spectator and saw this jersey I would think they were from Dallas. That’s what the D is for. “Dallas”. Congratulations on fully abandoning the thing made me remember you weren’t Dallas.

Scott: But the “D” also looks like a duck’s foot Keith.

That’s the joke.

Keith: I get it man.

But also it’s a big D. Like, “man, Anaheim really loves the D.”

Am I talking about their Defence? Or something else?

Topher: Sorry Keith, I never just see a D when I see that logo, I always see a ducks foot and actually like their logo, it’s one of the few bright spots on their jersey.

Keith: I literally only saw the duck foot while looking intently at the jersey during this conversation. Before today it was just a swooshy D. It’s still not a duck shaped goalie mask and there isn’t enough orange.

Are we going to keep talking about duck dynasty over here is Scott going to tell us what the next jersey is?

Scott: Quack.

Next up is the Arizona Coyotes.


Scott: A legacy of bad jerseys that calmed down a bit with a nice wine red base and a logo that works well.

I think they could use more of a collegiate look, but better too simple than too busy.

Topher: Love the red color also and their howling coyote logo. Just a hint of black between the shoulders and elbows with the white numbers is nice, I like it. After that, though it’s pretty bland and basic. Little safe and the multi strip is boring and over used.

A little more definition at the top around the collar would have been nice.

Keith: Any ‘Yotes jersey that doesn’t include an alternate with a cartoony desert landscape is not my cup of tea. Not a big change here either, although I do like the black collar on the home jersey which is a minor change over last year. Just in general I’m a fan of the wine-red, it’s a nice change of pace from the bright red usually employed by sports franchises (says the Blackhawks/Canadiens’ fan).

Scott is a writer and podcaster here at He was raised by a Bruins fan in Montreal but turned out okay. Take that, nurture vs nature!

Keith does a lot here at His favourite teams are the Hawks and the Habs, but he only really feels comfortable sporting one of those logos on the regular.

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