Picard Season 3 apparently doesn’t suck – I don’t know why but out of all the nostalgia that is being thrown at me these days “Picard” just doesn’t seem to cut it. Maybe I like the fact that Star Trek just kind of lives in my childhood and I don’t need to revisit it all the time?

Maybe I just feel badly burned by Star Wars.

We talk a little bit in this episode about how droids get their designations in Star Wars but now it’s got me thinking that at least they decide to give their automatons any kind of a unique name. In Star Trek they just call every computer “Computer.” But I guess that’s on the Star Trek computers themselves for never developing much of a personality.

Anyhow – I’m about to blow your mind. There’s a good chance that ‘R2-D2” is actually a short version of Artoo’s full designation. Basically “D2” are probably the first two letters of a much longer designation. This isn’t even strictly a fan theory. In the Clone Wars series there’s a droid named “AZ-3” and it’s revealed that name is actually a shortened version of its full designation AZ-345211896246498721347.


Finally – you should really check out the TikTok videos we talk about regarding Toronto real-estate. You can seriously buy a castle for the price of a shit-hole in Toronto. A castle with a broadband internet connection and a movie theater.


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Credit Where Credit is Due

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