I apologize in advance for how conceited this next bit will sound.


If there was a late-night college radio show that existed in the 90s when I was in high-school (and before podcasts existed) where the hosts just shot the shit and talked about comic books, video games and obscure shit from the 80s it would be my favorite thing.


Now I get to make my favorite thing. But you get the pleasure of listening to it.


You’re so lucky.

[I think our listeners are used to this by now.  -Jon]

It’s crazy to me that “Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light” has crept up into my mindspace multiple times in the span of only a few weeks. The show only has 13 episodes and was aired entirely between September 20 and December 13. 1987. What a world we live in that this strange little cartoon from over 35 years ago can so easily be consumed any time we want it. I guess the only question that remains is this: When will we set aside 5 hours to marathon the whole thing?


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Meanwhile over on Garbage Time we talk about the Marvel Snap card Shanna that Scott currently has pinned and then things get real upsetting as we talk about actual alleged Hollywood monsters named Ezra Miller and Jonathan Majors.


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