The annual 9ES Year in Review! It’s time for the greatest tradition of the greatest geek podcast in Montreal!

I promise you that we try to just stick to pop culture nonsense for this one but there is the mandatory bummer news about Covid-19 right off the top.

This year has been an absolute shit show and it occurred to me the other day that I’ve seen Jon all of once since all this started and Scott all of twice (we met up in the safety of the outdoors back in the salad days of summer when Quebec was under 100 new cases a day and outdoor meetups were allowed and safe). The last time we met up in person to record this podcast was on March 9th when we recorded episode 204.

I don’t mention it in the episode since honestly I was just trying to enjoy myself for the last recording of the year but I’m actually really grateful to have started this website and podcast deal because it has given me a wonderful excuse to hang out with two of my best friends every 2 weeks during this whole shitty year and talk about crap we find interesting. That makes me happy.

Anyways, we talk about movies and junk that stood out to us during a year that will always stand out for the rest of our lives.

This is it guys, the end of 2020. Yet another year in review podcast coming right up.


Our intro song is a brand new jam OKU-DA cooked up just for us and you should really check out his SoundCloud.

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