The really awful part is that I don’t think any of them were phoning it in, either.  They were trying.  Many, many people worked really, really hard on this thing, and it was just a nightmare.

Dark Shadows [2012] was based on a TV show that ran from 1966 until 1971.  This is the piece that I was missing on the podcast.  It had 1225 episodes.  Breathe that right on in.  Twelve hundred episodes.  It was a daytime TV soap opera kind of thing but kind of Addams Familyeqsque with vampires and werewolves and melodrama and whatnot.  So saying that this thing came from the imagination of Tim Burton is hardly fair.

In fact, playing Barnabas Collins was a dream of Johnny Depp’s, him being a massive fan of the original show.  He worked for a decade to get this thing made.  Roped Burton and Elfman (haha he did score it I just blocked it out) into making it with him.  So this thing is all on Depp.

I honestly feel bad for him.



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