So, I’m a bit of a collector.

I scrubbed together 5 things last time around, and it was all to easy to pull 5 more together for this installment.

These are five real, actual things that I just had sitting around near my computer in the office. They are all within arms reach of me right now, and are usually on display somewhere in here.

#6) Kreo Orc Guys


These guys are like slightly more articulated Lego figs, and are also licensed Dungeon and Dragon toys. There’s some physical game that you play with them, and I think it’s like “Crossbows and Catapults“, but I don’t know. I do know that they look fierce.


#7) Iron Man Hot Wheels

My wife got me this one as a gift. I really like the packaging, and so it sits in the box on my shelf. I think of it as a display piece.


#8) Playmobil Convict

This guy looks wrecked. I never really noticed until I had to take this photograph, but look at him. He really is a man of constant sorrow, and no Coen bro is here to save him. I thought this was some fun little add on to any future Playmobil set I might pick up for my son, but the mournful look on this face makes me think he’s already done too much hard time.


#9) Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon

This bad boy lives above my monitor, endlessly pursued by a pair of Tie-Fighters. It’s awesome, and keen eyes will notice the round communications dish.


#10) Stimpy Figurine

My mum gave this to me for Christmas once, many years ago. It has survived moves through all of the places I’ve lived since moving out, with only minimal wear. That poor goof.


I really do have too many knick-knacks.