Last we talked about movies, this week we talk about televsion. So here is the list of TV shows that are coming out in 2016 that are not yet in a perpetual hype-machine generating buzz. Again, we’re going to rule out shows that are returning.

So that means that even though we’re all excited for new Daredevil, Game of Thrones and even the massively anticpated return of X-Files, they won’t be on this list. Not even going to talk about new episodes of Full House coming out next month.

First of all, let’s get the obvious contenders out of the way. We’ve got Legends of Tomorrow coming out, which is a spin-off of Arrow and The Flash tv shows as DC and WB try to cobble together something to combat the juggernaut of the MCU. Legends of Tomorrow has 4 seasons of Arrow, 2 seasons of The Flash and (if you believe the rumours that Constantine will have some role to play) 13 episodes of Constantine to draw on for its look and feel and fanbase. I haven’t watched any of those shows so I doubt I’ll watch this one. But the internet seems excited.

Of course, along with the aforementioned Daredevil Season 2, Marvel has a new show for us too. Luke Cage is getting the Netflix series treatment too. This is also a spinoff since Cage featured pretty prominently in the Jessica Jones series. I do love Power Man so hey, I’ll watch this.

In case you thought indie comics weren’t getting new shows, then maybe you missed the time I watched a trailer for Preacher frame by frame. I’m incredibly nervous about how they’re going to transfer the crass content and over the top violence on AMC, but they did good things with Walking Dead so I’m on board for their attempt.

Anyways, with that out of the way, here are some of my “sleeper” picks for new shows.

baz-luhrmann-the-get-down-sliceThe Get Down

When I was looking through upcoming shows and I saw a musical drama starring Jimmy Smits, my eyes almost instinctively jumped ahead to the next thing. The most recent things I could think of that had Smits in them were the worst season of Dexter and the Star Wars prequels. Then I saw a name that made me jump back and do a little more digging.

Baz Luhrmann.

If there’s someone who can get me to watch musicals it’s Baz Luhrmann. There are few people who can capture manic musical numbers with style and panache the way Luhrmann can. His version of Romeo and Juliet was one of my favorite films of the 90s and Great Gatsby was a triumph. I could care less about the relatively point A to point B story of Moulin Rouge, but hot damn did Luhrmann make it watchable.

So when Baz Luhrmann says that he’s going to make a musical drama set in stylized Bronx in the 70s about the birth of punk, hip hop and disco I’m right there with him. Go on and check out the trailer here if you don’t believe me. I audibly gasped when I saw the white Kangol on Grandmaster Flash (and the hilarious scene of his kneeling pupils calling him “Grandmaster”).

Sign me up.


Ok, stick with me on this one. This is probably the biggest long shot on the list but if it pays off it might become one of the more talked about and interesting shows on TV (even though it’s presently only a six-part miniseries).

From what I’ve gathered Cleverman is about humans who have possibly colonized another planet and set up a crappy dystopian society. The Indigenous beings of the planet are silenced, hunted and exploited by the human population. The central characters are two estranged brothers of this Indigenous population forced together to fight for their own survival.

Oh, there’s also “dreaming” creatures that come and go from reality and the whole thing draws heavily (with permission) from Australian Aboriginal storytelling.

Finally, it features half the cast of Game of Thrones, with creature design by the same creature workshop that handled Lord of the Rings.

Will it be an insane mess or will this crazy ambitious project actually pay off? Who knows! Still, it seemed interesting enough to get me to look into it.


I should probably throw in a comedy here, shouldn’t I? This one is the closest to actually starting, which makes it even more peculiar that I haven’t heard more about it. Baskets is set to premiere on FX on January 21st.

Zach Galifianakis is set to play a character named Chip Baskets (yep) a man who goes to Paris to become a clown but ends up failing out of clown school and now works at a rodeo. Galifianakis is co-producing the project with Louis C.K.

The premise seems pretty bad, but in the hands of these guys I am definitely willing to give it a shot. I love Galifianakis’ brand of depressing and awkward comedy, something about the way many of his personas are just so terrible at dealing with the mundane always gets me in the funny guts.

Add to that the fact that FX (and associated FXX) is on a seemingly never ending hot streak at the moment and this might pan out pretty well. American Horror Story, Always Sunny, You’re the Worst, Archer, Fargo… the list goes on and on of quality programming coming out over there.

So yeah, this is another one that despite the thin premise, the people involved have me interested enough to give it a chance for a few episodes, hopefully it pays off.

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