You who have been following use since the very beginning may remember the name Zenith Comics, from some of my older Fine Arts Fridays posts. Andrew Collas, the man behind it all, commissioned a few designs while ago, from myself and a few other talented artists. I am happy to say all his work and research are finally coming to fruition. HEROIC is a comic book that lives up to it`s name and in my humble opinion needs to be published.

He has a name! He has a script! He has a team ready to go! All he needs now is a bit of funding to get this project going! So naturally, he turned to Kickstarter. Now as many of you know, if i believe in a project a friend is doing, i will back them up and spread the word as best as i can, hell i`ve even donated when i was able! But as it is… i am broke. The only support i can offer him and this fanfuckingtastic comic is to spread the word like i never have before. I have a website, i will use it!

So i asked Andrew to answer a few questions for us here at 9to5, and he happily complied. I`m new at interviews so i was a bit nervous…

Q:  From what is explained in your Kickstarter, you`re not just trying to write a comic for kicks, but to bring back a certain sentiment you feel modern comics have lost along the way. Can you explain a   bit more about that, and tell us what you think this could do for the medium as a whole?

A:  Well to be honest I don’t have such a grand vision as to think I will do anything for the medium.  That said, I think we have lost the heroic part of superheroics.  We see comics being about many         things these days, but with all the secret invasions, civil wars and reboots, we are getting further and further away from the heroics of the early days.  Certainly those who read the script I’ve written will point out there are darker elements in there as well, which is true, but with purpose.  I intend, over the course of 12 issues to show a world where superheroics are co-opted by corporate and other interests and are painstakingly returned to the classic heroes.  Naturally there will be casualties along the way.

Q:  What made you want to start writing Comics at this point in your life?

A:   Well I always wanted to, but it was a challenge from an old friend when I turned 41 to just “do it”.  2 years later, here we are.

Q:   Given your acting background, one would have thought writing screenplays would have been your first choice, so why comics?

A:   Unlimited special effects budget?  Lack of producers inserting their “ideas”?  Honestly writing for film is something I toyed with 10 years ago and took no love from.  Comics have been my love since I was a child.

Q:   Can you say you`ve been influenced or inspired by other comic writers or stories? Which ones?

A:   Good question.  I would say that if I were to pick specifics, and not just hand wave over the years of 1975 – 1985, I would say the BIGGEST influences on me are Bill Willingham’s Elementals, the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans and the American by Mark Verheiden.  Of the more current fare I would say that Ultimate Spider-Man has really stuck with me, Bendis’s best work in my opinion as well as Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America made me wish Steve Rogers had stayed dead!  LOL!  Also I have to say Brian Azzarello’s run on Wonder Woman has been inspirational.

Q:   It`s difficult to come up with an original character in this day and age, how did you manage to create yours? Are any based on people you know?

A:   Creating characters isn’t a weakness I have, whether they are original or not remains to be seen.  Some are based on people I know, some are aspects of three different archetypes brought together.  I recently began developing a character based on three ideas; the phoenix, Kirby Krackle and power cosmic.  What this has lead to is a character that will be known as Starbird and has a huge backstory tied into ancient India, Kashmir and mystery religions.  Inspirations come from all corners for me.

Q:   I imagine finding people to help produce a comic can`t happen overnight, how did you gather up your HEROIC team for this project?

A:   Well the team has adjusted over the 2 year process.  Some people came from other’s suggestions.  Some are people I discovered on DeviantART and some where replies to posts I made on the pro-forms looking for specific skills. Ultimately though, I couldn’t have done with without my first partner in crime, Walt Robilliard.  He has been a force of nature and always keeps me on point.

Q:   Does Zenith have any other titles planned for the future?

A:   Well, the first rule of comics is that you create one title, make it successful and when it is paying for itself, you add another title and work on making that successful.  I have plans, the Sensational Santini comic, which you know about, is one that is on the drawing board.  I’ve also toyed with an anthology book called “Zenith Comics Presents” where through one offs and multi-chapter contained stories, I can expand the Zenith Universe.  That said, we gotta get this first one, HEROIC, my baby, off the ground.

Q:   Any final words?

A:   Come look at the Kickstarter. See the art samples.  Read the script.  If you like what you see, support us.  Spread the word to those you think would like us.  But above all this,  Be Heroic!


So there you have it folks, a local author looking to bring something creative to the comic reading masses. Donate if you can, share the links, spread the word, anything you can do to help Andrew meet his goal is amazing! I want to see this comic printed! And i mean hey… 9to5 might get a cross-over out of it mwahahahahahaha!


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