My first review is a light beer. It`s summer, after all, and these are all the rage. Hopped on the bandwagon, have I.

So! As per MonsRegius` website description, here is what I am drinking for you this week;

“ALBA table beer, 3,9%

Inspired by abbey singel beers.
Light and well carbonated, with subtle notes of floral honey, bread, lemon and pepper.”

Alba, Table Beer

I`ve always been a fan of honey beers, so this was an easy sell for me. I was not disappointed!

Alright the colour of the beer is, umm. A deep and rich yellow? Almost mustardy. But I`m told this may be due to my kicking up the sediment. Which is apparently a thing. It`s a bit cloudy as a result. Eh, learning.

It smells amazing. The floral honey is super evident and I want it in my mouth like now.

The honey sweetness is nice and subtle, and it has a good amount of fizzy-goodness without stabbing your tongue and making your eyes all teary. It`s a little bitter, mostly in the aftertaste. Probably the lemon and pepper? I hope my sense of taste develops a little more over the course of these tastings. They mention subtle notes of bread… I taste no loaf of any kind. I don`t mind so much, I found the beer tasty and refreshing. Plus, this brewery makes all their labels so damn pretty! It`s nice to see some colourful art on the shelves, instead of the regular dark and “edgy” stuff.

They printed a suggestion of what the beer would best be paired with on the label. Thoughtful!

“Pairs with: salads, fish and seafoods, Asian cuisine, soft-ripened cheese, goat cheese”

The price was very reasonable for how fancy the label and taste made me feel. Refined even. Maybe I should have sipped this pinky-up.

Bonus thing I discovered;

If I drink low percentage of alcohol beer, I can drink more of it before my typing truly degenerates!


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)


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