I have to say, i really appreciate the work tattoo artists put into cover up jobs. It`s not easy.

My neighbor recently asked me if i would help him out and design something that would cover up a tattoo he now regretted having. He wanted something that meant a lot to him, and that was a constant in his life, unlike the impulsiveness that inspired the original. So he decided he would like music to be a theme if at all possible. We went over a gazillion photos to see the different style he was drawn to, and the ones he preferred to avoid, and i was left to start sketching.

But… i`m not a tattoo artist! So i turned to a couple of friends who are, and who`s art i very much admire, and requested any advice they could spare for me. They were super helpful, detailed and without them i`m sure my neighbor would have ended up with a great big mess!

So here is my first attempt at tattoo cover art. I scanned every step of the piece in case i screwed up >.<

sketch 1sketch 2












I chose a paisley background because the guy is a bit of a hippy hahahahha! I was all nervous he wouldn`t like it, but he loved it and didn`t want me to change a thing! So he`s taken an appointment and getting it done as soon as possible. I can`t wait to see how it turns out!

Sketch 3sketch 4

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