Growing up I knew not to mess around with my dad’s power tools. I think it would have been a little harder to get me not to play with my dad’s action figures.

This comic stems from a funny interaction that I had with a (geeky) friend’s kids a while back at my house. I’m bad with figuring out the ages of children but let’s say these kids were about 7 and 5. The 5 year old really wanted to pull a few of my collectibles off the shelves and play with them. I don’t blame her, she’s a kid. In basically every sense of the word, they are toys. I was quick to jump in and be like “No! These aren’t kids toys!”. Even though a part of me recognized how ridiculous that statement was.

The 7 year old proudly proclaimed “I know the difference, my dad has toys we’re not allowed to touch too.”

So A+ parenting I guess.

Also, Invader Zim. Forever and always Invader Zim.

So, this is fun. Here at like to give credit where credit is due if we use/incorporate any photos into our blogs and comics. Sophie grabbed the background for this image off of Pinterest from Robert Williams’ “Action Figures and Collectibles“. But, since Pinterest is also just kind of re-hosting other people’s content I did a little more digging to try and find an original source.  This led me to an 11 year old forum post on Retro Junk from a user named 10incher (which is very clever becausem you know, action figures).  Anyhow, it seems like that photo is of his collection and he may or may not have a hand in managing this website:  If for some crazy reason this “10incher” fellow ever sees this, I tip my hat to you sir, that’s a heck of a collection!

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