It`s hard to believe that i did this almost 2 years ago now. Anyways.

This was a concept i had in mind a good long while before i went to makeup school. When i had to pick a fantasy subject for a photoshoot exam, well i decided to go with that. My friend Diamond, who had a perfectly round head and a charmingly creepy smile, was the perfect model. And he was such a sweetie, he sat still the entire time.

I sponged on a very thick, white grease paint, powdered it, then sponged on another layer of paint, powdering that as well. I wanted it as opaque as possible. Once that was done i painted in the eyes and the nose pitch black with some MAC Chroma Cake, and used black eye shadow to fade out the edges.

The skull shading was entirely done with eye shadow. I wanted no harsh lines for that. It looked so cool i was proud of myself for that. I decided to go for painted teeth instead of actual skull teeth, i thought it would look a bit creepier.










I painted on the decorative lines and flowers with some more Chroma Cake, and glued on the aluminum cross with some fake eyelash glue. I had to wipe off some of the grease paint underneath to allow the glue to bond properly.

My biggest problem was oddly enough the red contact lenses. I could NOT get them in! After a while Diamond tried to put them in himself, it took him quite a few tried but he finally succeeded. I`m really happy he did, it adds so much to the whole picture.

I put him in a suit and tie, gave him a dried up orange flower and took him to the photo room! It was awesome. These are my Two favorite photos from the whole shoot.


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