So as you all know, i draw the comics.

I designed the look of the characters, that is to say, the way we look, in two dimensional form. I am happy about this.


I absolutely SUCK at using computers, unless it`s to do with a Holy Pally. This poses a problem, as my art looks like shit if it`s just scanned and posted as is. It needs to be digitized!

This is where Scott comes in. Every strip i draw. Every panel, every line, he waves his magic wand and makes it all pretty for digital use. And, if he feels like it, he`ll sometimes add some color or some backgrounds. Mostly because i suck at drawing backgrounds mind you. I`m working on it.

So anyways i thought it might be interesting to share with you the first two steps of getting a panel ready. So here are the scanned pencils of a panel.

Pretty simple stuff, as you can see. I draw heads first, then the rest of the body, naked. I add the clothes on last.

Now for inking, i use a brush pen. I love it, it`s wonderful. It took me a long time to get used to it, and i`m still not done learning as far as i`m concerned. Anyhow, i use a brush pen, and i ink directly on the pencil sketch. Why would i do this, when clearly, erasing the pencil lines afterwards dulls out the ink itself? Why not just use tracing paper and preserve the originals?

Because i don`t like to waste paper, you rainforest killing mother fucker.

Here is the same panel, inked.

As you can see, the lines are washed out, in some spots more than others. To get that perfect, even digital black, I send Scott the completed panels and he does his thing.

And that`s how our comics are done woooooo! I`m thinking on my next Fine Art Friday, i`ll do a step by step how-to on how to draw one of the characters. I`m open to suggestions as to which one i`ll go over.

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