In case you’re wondering, I’m a divorcé. You know, according to Wikipedia the term for both men and women is “divorcée”. However, I’m from Montreal, and I know that the extra ‘e’ on the end there denotes a feminine connotation. Ain’t no way I’m gonna go around calling myself a word that’s reserved for women. No sir. Not me. Not on your life.

I don’t wanna speak (too) ill of my ex-wife, we’ve been divorced for something like 3/1/2 years and recently we even made some sort of amends. By “some sort of amends” I mean of course “acknowledging the other’s existence”. Baby steps or something.

Long story short however, the initial breakup (or separation as it’s called in marriage-town) was less than pretty, with my ex-wife exhibiting a number of cold unfeeling actions that basically just fucked me over. It was such a mess that my friends still make fun of me for it, that’s the sort of friends I have, you know the kind who never let you live down a failed marriage? Assholes. Every single one of them.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that Scott, despite being a very good friend of mine, and signing the marriage documents as our initial witness, was not invited to the wedding.

That was her doing.

Like a cat.

I also think it’s worth noting that this is the first ever (officially) 9to5 (illustrated) comic! The site is chugging along into existence, kicking and screaming, being dragged forth to life by a small collective of largely untalented individuals. Ok, so I’m the untalented one, the others, they are talented. I just like diminishing the accomplishments of others. Thursday will have a new comic, sort of. Next Tuesday will have an actual all new comic, and we’ll continue on like that until we give up and go back to our unfulfilled lives.

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