I took some time off from work in November, and during that time I went to Cuba. It was awesome, but the weather at home turned cold, and when I got back, I wanted to spend the rest of my vacation time huddled in my shack for warmth. Since I was inside anyways, I figured I’d take a crack at sorting my comic book collection. As I posted a couple of weeks ago, I found some pretty weird and random stuff. Here is some more of my findings.

Again, I feel I need to stress that I own these books. At some point, I thought “Yes, I will take this home with me.”


Man-Eating Cow #4

I have no idea what this is even about, and aside from an implied association to The Tick, I can seen nothing redeeming about this book. It scares me.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #70 (Archie Manga Series)

I’m a little scared that I bought this book. I actually am quite fond of Archie comics, but I hold their classic style to be ideal, and messing with that style to be sacrilegious. Archie-verse books in manga are almost insulting. Why did I take this home?


NFL SuperPro #9

Okay, I love everything about NFL SuperPro. The fact that this villain is called “Instant Replay” is god damned amazing, especially considering the date this book was published and the idea that the NFL was so against instant replays for so long. This book, I at least understand why I would take home.


Sectaurs #8

The 80’s were a weird time for kids’ toys. GI Joe and Transformers are fondly remembered, but those two franchises are also quite odd. Like evil weather machines and flying alien gun robots weird. But the Weird did not stop there. Ideas like Centurions, SilverHawks, Thundercats, Visionaries… that was some bizarre stuff to toss at a kid. Sectaurs are just way weirder. It’s like… He-Man, but where everyone is actually an insect-man, just because.


Chicanos #3

While Eduardo Risso goes on to have a great career in Vertigo comics, just owning this comic makes me feel a little uneasy. Uneasy racially. I don’t know why.


Team America #s 2, 6, 8, 9 &11

The comic about an all american stunt-racing team, and the adventures they’d have in the Marvel Universe. I’ll take 5.

There are so many more of these messed up books in my collection. Look for them in the future.

Oh, and I read that Miller/Simonson Robocop/Terminator comic I posted about last time, and the review is simple; poor writing full of lame descriptive prose, and solid dynamic art. And lots of ED-209s.