Hey guys… remember that cute little silly game I loved play-testing at GenCon 50?


Their Kickstarter just launched this morning!

I am so excited. The artwork looks amazing and the box is super cute! So here is once more, in case you had not read my previous review, a short description of the game;

A kingdom is plagued by unicorns! They infest the land with toxic gas and pee on your property! The Princess has declared open hunting season once a year for 4 days, to control the unicorn infestation. The Goblins in the Black Market will pay handsomely for re-usable Unicorn parts…


You must chose one of the 6 characters to participate in the hunt, and try to out-do each other. The characters are adorable. I think the Hunter is the coolest!



Each character has unique hunting cards to try and trap/kill the unicorns, and all have access to trap cards to try and boost their own hunt, or sabotage rival hunters. The game plays out in 20-45 minutes, so it`s nice and light and great for family game day!

The Kickstarter launch announced some pretty awesome rewards, two of which include a plushy of their mascot Pigicorn omg he is so cute I want this plushy.


Seriously,  look at him. Pondering his reflection in the…pond. His inner-self gazing back into his eyes, endlessly perpetuating a revolving conflict in his little piggy heart…

“Should I pledge License to Kill or 30cm of Pure Joy?”

I don`t think I can say no to the plushy. I know what I have to… nay. Must do.

Do you? Do you have what it takes to Kill the Unicorns and pledge yourself to adorable fun?

At the very least, go check them out and see for yourself!



Here is the link to the Kickstarter page: Click me!

Their Facebook page: Click me!

Their website: Click me!

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