The Nasty Show has the (dubious?) distinction of being one of the longest running shows at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival.

There has no doubt been quite the evolution in comedy about what constitutes “nasty” these days and most comedians are no longer quite as interested in being offensive for the sake of it. This isn’t the PC 1990s where a performer can get a rise out of an audience just by dropping the occasional slur.

The new breed of nasty comedians includes the likes of Jessimae Peluso and Big Jay Oakerson, both of whom I was lucky enough to speak with before they hit the town next week for their unique brands of off-colour comedy.

Both comedians are advocates for freedom of speech, as being able to speak your mind about what you want (and how you want) is kind of hot button topic in many comedy circles.

But from Jessimae talk about washing her taint in a public fountain and being willing to approach every set with a “full throttle” approach and Big Jay willing to continue a conversation despite a bird having just shit on his head,  it’s obvious that these comedians (and their cohorts at The Nasty Show) are not about censor themselves for any reason.

Listen to the episode now to hear Jessimae’s thoughts on edibles, dancing on Instagram and hear Big Jay talk about.


The Nasty Show, featuring Big Jay Oakerson, Andrew Schulz, Jessimae Peluso, Comedian CP and Bonnie McFarlene, hosted by Bobby Lee, runs July 17th to 27th at MTELUS. More info and tickets here.

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