Beer: L`Eau Claire

Brewer: Domaine Berthiaume

Beer on Lie, I think it`s a white? 5%

Bought it because I seriously loved their Elfe Brune brown ale, as reviewed by Robyn here. The whole staff for real fell in love with it. So I figured I’d give their other brews a shot. Bonus; There’s a bunch of naked elves on the label.



It’s a milky yellow type of colour, kinda like fresh squeezed lemon juice. A bit foamy if you’re not careful pouring (like my idiot self) but it fades away, leaving behind a little fluffy blanket.

It smells very nice. Like, super fresh and light and slightly sweet. The label says it has a tiny bit of orange in there, that might be what I’m smelling.

Oooh this is nice. Ah, yep, definitely taste the orange! That’s tasty. It’s also slightly bitter, as if you accidentally licked your fingers after peeling an orange and you forgot to wash your hands? Like that. But only a little. I wish I’d let this cool in the refrigerator a bit longer though, I feel this would be killer super cold.

Very nice, light and smooth. I’m digging the orange thing. 2 thumbs up! Probs go very well with a hearty salad.

It’s sitting at a low 5%, so no guilt in having a couple of these after work. And reasonably priced 🙂


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)