Beer: La Résurrection de Broderus

Brewer: Dunham

Christmas Saison, 6,9%

Bought it because I have yet to try any of Dunham`s beers. To this date, none have really caught my eye. This is is new, and, well, you know. Christmassy. Plus the label looks pretty sweet. Got a kickass weird skull on it. And lizzaaarrrrdsss.



So this is a nice opaque amber colour. Pretty. Had a bit of foam that faded and left a thin blanket on top of my beer. It was a super pastel amber. Or off-white, whatever you prefer.

It smells amazing. It smells like fruit cake does, before you remember you hate fruit cake. Still though, smells great. The label says it has pomegranate and maple syrup in there, so that is definitely the sweetness I smell.

Oh wow. Yeah this actually tastes like fruit cake, but like, one that got doused with some type of alcohol, and doesn’t suck. And without the horrible dry cake texture. And beer. Also tastes of beer. You know… evidently. Wow I really like this. It’s also got a slight bitterness that follows through. More like tartness.

I like it! I would kill for some fancy cheese right now, I think it would set this off really nicely.

This beer is on the medium-strong side, at 6,9%. It`s also huge, so don`t drink it too fast, you hooligan.

It`s one of our more expensive bottles, but it`s fancy as fuck so I`m not complaining. It has brettanomyces in it. No, that`s not a typo.


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)

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