Beer: La Elfe Brune

Brewer: Domaine Berthiaume

Brown ale, 5.2%

This review is brought to you by my good friend and colleague Robyn!!!


Much like Sophie, I’m drawn to pretty label art, and this one had an elf on it, so it caught my eye. It was also stamped at having been bottled on my birthday, which I thought was auspicious.

The beer is a nutty brown, very light on foam of any sort. It has a sweet, almost banana-like smell to it, which makes sense, since it says right on the label that it is supposed to taste like chocolate and banana (SPOILERS!).

I was bracing myself for a strong or bold flavour, but the Elfe is gentle, a very soft beer compared to a lot of what I have been drinking lately. There is a strong hazelnut flavour, and notes of banana and chocolate, though faint (and mostly as an after-taste) without being cloying or overly sweet.

It reminded me of really good home-brewed beer, honestly. I mostly like white and wheat beers, and wasn’t sure what to expect out of a brown. This was nice, gentle, and very drinkable. I would definitely get more of the Elfe.


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)

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