Beer: La Chaga

Brewer: Brasserie Générale

Brown ale on lye, 6.5%

Bought it because it was strange enough to catch my attention. It was in the shop several weeks ago, I just never got around to it until there was one left on the shelf hahaha!

This is a mushroom beer. No no, you read that correctly. Mushroom beer. Made with the Chaga, a type of mushroom known for antioxidant properties.

It`s colour looks like a dark cloudy caramel, like the ones you get around Halloween, the little square ones. Pretty much opaque. It has a thin cream coloured foam that dissipates fairly quickly into nothing.

It smells very nice. A little sweet, but earthy at the same time. I am struggling to smell it actually, it`s fairly sublte.

Hmmm. Interesting.

I`ve certainly not tasted a beer like this before. Not saying much, I know… but yeah. Very different. I would say it`s very malty, which is not something I mind at all. The earthiness is definitely evident, but it`s not mushroomy. There is an extremely subtle sweetness, which balances off the slight bitter taste, and hardly any aftertaste.

I quite like this, it`s really different.

If you`re not afraid to try different things, give this a try. I like it!


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