Beer: Grande Cuvée, Résèrve de Noël

Brewer: Les Trois Mousquetaires

Red Lager, 10.5%

Bought it because I really do want to do Christmas beers this month, and I have no distractions this week. And this will be my first LTM beer!



Nice earthy red color, fairly clear, some cloudiness. Nice amount of foam poured out, ivory white, which dissipated into a thin film after a few minutes.

I got distracted looking at lipstick colours and this thing has been sitting under my nose, let me tell you it smells delicious. It smells like mince pie and and spices, as well as something pleasantly sweet and earthy. The label says: gingerbread, candied fruits, balsam fir, vanilla, oak.

I had to google balsam fir… apparently it`s a coniferous tree 🙂

Okay let`s give this bad boy a try.

Wow this just fucking punched me in the face. Ooooooh wow this is like, fermented fruit, and christmas cake and everything simmered into a syrupy concoction of intense.

5 minutes later and a few sips more… ok so it`s less intense now. I think maybe I just shouldn`t have had taco sticks right before trying it. Rookie mistake, ok, ok.

Yeah so it still tastes like what I said, but waayyyy scaled down. It is pretty damned sweet though. Definitely something I`d have instead of dessert. This is like the Port Wine of beers hahaha

Ok I like it, but I don`t think I could have a whole 750ml bottle to myself. Maybe split with a friend, with some bitter chocolate to balance it out. And a warm fireplace. Yeesss…

This thing is effin` strong. 10.5%, so no chugging contest with this one. Sip slowly.

On the more expensive side, but it is a larger bottler, and hella strong, and super special seasonal. So reasonable with all these things considered.

Interesting blend.


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)


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