Ok. This isn`t my traditional “look at this picture i drew!”

This is back when i had this full time corporate job, maybe 2 years ago. I still had the short blonde hair. We alternated on the weekend shift, and judging what the shirt i was wearing this was one of those weekends. These days were pretty relaxed, and i usually got my work done pretty fast. Which meant we could get a bit silly. My specialty, really.

So with my silly Motorola phone (a pink PEBL) i decided to do a short photo comic.

Quite silly isn`t it. I took each photo with my little camera on the phone, and emailed them to myself. I then added word bubbles in MS Paint, and voila.

For those wondering, i got the little Anguillar plushie as a gift when i ordered some Godzilla monster feet slippers online. Came in the box i was all like yay!

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