If you know me at all, or have visited me in one of the apartments i`ve lived in, you know that i cannot live surrounded by eggshell white walls. They drive me bat-shit insane. Now, most people would find some nice colors to paint the walls with, such as one would find in home decor magazines or whatever.

Not me! I like to paint my living room in 2 tones of industrial grey, my kitchen and bathroom in deep purple and lavender smoke, and my bedroom in a soft cream and blood red. Sponge them up at the seems to the colors look like their bleeding into each other, and i`m happy.

In my last place, within the red bedroom of doom, i painted a mural of Hellboy on one of the panels of my sliding door closet, with some assistance from Trevor. I was, and still am, extremely pleased with how it looked. I basically took a panel from the comics and reproduced it in Mike Mignola`s amazing art style.

Now when i moved in to this place, i had an agreement that if i went crazy on the walls, i had to at least prime it white before leaving. Break my heart! I have to say… as i was painting over the walls, i kept considering leaving it there as a surprise for the next tenants. But no… i`m all responsible and shit.

Sarah, who came up with Keith, Scott and my brother to help me move, was kind enough to help me finish priming the apartment since i was running behind. Evil Sarah… she loomed over my beautiful Hellboy with a sick twisted smile and painted all over it! No i`m kidding. She felt really bad hahahahah! Either way here she is wielding the paintbrush over HB.

The guys actually drew googly eyes and a mustache on it before she painted over it. Silly stuff.

Now that i`m back in Montreal, my new apartment needs some serious enhancement. I would have liked to paint the place before moving, unfortunately lack of time and mostly funding prevented me. But i have plans… yeesssss. I`m still very fond of Mignola`s art style n the HB series, so for certain i`ll have a new mural in my bedroom. But much bigger. I`m thinking a whole wall, and i`d like to include Abe Sapien in there. Things to ponder…