In this episode we’re joined by Colt Cousins, lead singer of local Montreal band “The Heavy Hands”. If I were to try and put a label on their sound I would have to say a dirtier, heavier version of Skynard, maybe with a little Queen’s of the Stone Age vibe going on at the same time. It’s good. Let’s leave it at that. Cousins joined us to plug his upcoming show at Divan Orange with the Skag Barons (Tuesday, November 29th).


We run the gamut of all the usual stuff you’d expect to hear (how the band got together, musical influences etc.) but also take some detours:

  • The episode opens up with a solo track from Cousins “Black as Night (Girls and Drugs)”
  • Cousins shares stories about getting so drunk he nearly forgot he was playing a show, Mark Lanegan’s scary stoneface, turning down an offer from Drake and the hundreds of dollars some musicians spend on cocaine and ecstasy.
  • Hollywood shows up again and sings a duet with Cousins.
  • We close the show off with a track by the Skag Barons “Come On”

Cousins has also now earned himself the official distinction of “Best Guest Ever” by buying us a round of shots. Let that be a message to all future guests, he’s set the bar there, you guys need to surpass it.

Check out the Heavy Hands:

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