In the few weeks preceding GenCon, I received countless emails from game promoters. It was overwhelming, and my head was spinning.


One stood out. To me, that is. Because the subject line read Kill the Unicorns.

Juliette, a friendly lady from Morning, a distributor/publisher of board games installed in the south of France, invited me in a personalized email to come play this game and have a chat. After looking at the concept and art, I was sold.

IMG_1972My appointment was with Valentin, the representative present for the duration of the con. He was very charming. Also, if I may add, absolutely adorable in the atomic pink shirt that he and the demo team were wearing. It was nice to see he spoke french (I forgot since setting up the interview that the company is based in France) and so we took advantage of this to have at least one game testing done in our own language.

Here is a rough translation of his explanation of the game.

“Essentially, this princess is extremely done with the unicorns infesting her kingdom. So she decides to ask a handful of her subjects to assist her in ridding the land of them once and for all. The goal is to hunt and trap/kill as many unicorns as possible. Each unicorn is worth a number of points, whoever has the most at the end of the game wins.


As a player you get to choose if you`d like to play as the princess, the wizard, the knight, the shaman, the hunter or the bard. Each has their own unique abilities for the hunt. Once you`ve chosen your character, you get the playing cards associated to them. There are two types: The hunting cards, with different numbers at the top, are used to kill the unicorns. The trap cards permit you to set traps for other players (and yourself, if you`re not careful) which will add bonuses or negative elements to the targeted unicorns.

The game is played in 4 rounds. It begins by laying out as many unicorns out on the table as there are players (from the unicorns card pile). Each unicorn is worth a different amount of points, and is colour coded for the scoring sheet at the end (I`ll explain the scoring sheet later).

At the start of a round, each player gets to set a trap under a unicorn of his choosing (including Pigicorn, a pig disguised as a unicorn. He`s not worth any points, but he does have a colour) There can be only one trap per unicorn, so one person goes first and then each has a pick out of what`s left. Once that`s done, the unicorn slaying begins.

The first player of that round now gets to decide how many hunting cards to bid on the first unicorn in the spread. Each player must match the same amount of cards. When all players have finished choosing, you turn them face up and see who has the most hunting points on the cards. This determines who wins the unicorn.

However! The trap on this unicorn must now be revealed. These can be pretty silly. Sure, some can boost the points that the unicorn is worth, but others… One of them is a Unicorn Fart. It essentially smells so foul that the unicorn gets away, and the hunter is left with nothing. Another is a trap that make the unicorn so smelly, it is worth zero points.

Once all the unicorns have been hunted in the round, you are permitted to shop at the Goblin Market. Here you can use the left over hunting cards you have to purchase items to help your success. Like soap, to wash a smelly unicorn and restore it`s points. That sort of thing. So keeping some of your hunting cards for the market is generally a smart thing to do.

Rinse and repeat this process for a total of 4 rounds, and the game is done! Short and sweet. The scoring sheet is where you can see how the colour coding can help you win the game. You can achieve the different combinations indicated and get extra points to your total. If you get a rainbow (one of each colour) you automatically win the game!”

IMG_1982We were only two, so he invited me to return with a friend to play a proper game later. So I asked Christopher to join me and it was really fun! I took another selfie with him and Pigicorn, I couldn`t resist it`s too cute.

The game is short and sweet, and perfect for family game nights. I think this can easily be enjoyed by kids, but also has great potential to be a casual drinking game hahahah! It is silly enough to give anyone a giggle and short enough that you won`t get bored. The rules are simple and it`s easy to get going, I am a fan!

The game is still in development, so we were playing with the “Print & Play” version that is currently available online, for free. You can download it and the game rules right here: Click me!

You can also sign up to receive news concerning their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. I`ve already signed up, I really liked this.

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