Like any World of Warcfart player, i have (woops dropped my scone) i have adopted an uber fast typing habit to be able to respond to friends and guild members  messaging me while i try to kill things in dungeouns.

This means i make lots of typos. Either i hold down a key too long and make a double letter where only a singel should be, accidentally hit 2 keis at once, hit the wrong key entirely or sumply spell word halfways backwards. Sometimes my brain tricks me and i`ll type entirely the wrong letter… very seldom are my typos actual spelling erros.

TO be fair i usually backtrack and try to correct the typos before sending the message out, but a few occasionally get released into the wild ethernets. Thankfull this happens seldom enough that i am not mostaken for some retarded kid who mispells word on purpose to be “cute”. Fucking retards they are/ Blizzard calls it a Rogue? Let`s adopt the common mispelling and forever call it a Rouge! I will gank you with my lipstick and or blush!

Anyways i thought this idea would be mildly entertaining die to the fact that i just woke up and do twice as many typos  while my fingers are still sleep numb. I think i`ll actually go back and make every typos bold. Fun game! See if i missed any typos or errors!

SO Keithand Scott both went off to Quebec City on New Year`s Eve to party it up at my brother`s Epic Year End Shinding. Valhalla (as he calls the speakeasy he set up in his houe) has hosted some of the most interesting party shenannigans i`ve been privy to witness r hear about. Of course this year i missed out, and i was stuck in Toronto, working. That`s right, i work on NEY. I did have 2 glasses of japanses plum wine, but that was the extent of my celebration.

This year`s awesome party stories fresh out of Valhalla:

1- My brother succesfully broke out like 80% of his guests in a ridiculous bollywood dance number. Just for the fuck of it. He started it off, and guests followed suit. I would pay to see a video of this, especially as my brother has absolutely no sense of eythm. I remember in grade 8, he trie to learn to play the drums It… it hurt.

2- Moon got hit in the face by a flying log. That`s not a typo, i mean like… the kind of log you see people chop wood for, to throw in the fire. In the face. Apparently a gourp of younger people (hahaha Sarah they were like your age!) they were early to mid 20s ish, tried to crash my nrother`s party arounf 3am.. They used the pretense of needed someone to call a taxi for them (as if they couldn`t call from a fucking cell phone) of course it`s new year`s eve, no taxi will fucking show up even if you call 12 times, especially in Quebec City, where the total number of taxis doesn`t exceed how many fingers you have on one hand.

Anyways when their intent became clear (they were hanging outside on the front porch, My bro asked them to fuck fuck off. For that he was called a faggott, in good form. So naturally annoyed at them still not leaving, my bro tried to push along one of the guys twards “away”  Now, my brother`s front porch is fairly smooth, and covered with ice and a light powdered snow, so this was the Push of Death. The guy slid 4 feet ahead and the straighht down 4 steps down into the driveway. His buddy, enrage, looks for a weapon.

He eyes settel on a log, conveniantly forgotten there from when the guys were out chopping some earlier for the massive fireplace. He grabs the log and chucks it at my btoehr`s face. Of course, my bro deflects it with his arm, but unfortunately redirects in in Moon`s face, who was not prepared.

A log to the fucking face… wow.

anyways, my bro manages to stop things from escalating any further (moon apparently was ready to tear them appart)  and the party crashers leave.

Poor Moon.

Anyways Happy New year guys. I bought Stan`s Lee`s How to Draw COmics book (it was 20% off US cover price) so i would suck less at comuic art hahahah!

Here`s to improvement, and new beginnings!


(wooo that`s aklot of Typos. I only went through it once with the bold, so i`m suer i missed a few here and ther)

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