I’m still super exhausted from the weekend, I start work at noon today so I’ve had time to sleep in a little, choke back some disgusting instant coffee and do the dishes. I realized that it was totally my week for Fuck Mondays so I sat down a at the computer and skimmed through a few of the articles that I’ve got on the go. Mad Men, Childish Gambino, Comix Zone, all incomplete enough that making them into something whole would be too much of a pain in my ass. I’m just gonna phone this one in. Nobody reads these anyways.

Let me give you a quick rundown of my weekend:

1) Friday night hanging out at DDR’s for his birthday, my understanding is that he’s about 40 years old at this point. Bald people are old right? That’s like a thing? I was responsible and headed home around midnight after a few beers.

2) Woke up at 7:00 am in order to hoof it down to Arena St-Louis in Montreal so that I can start of a day of boutcasting and announcing the 2012 Beast of the East Roller Derby tournament.

3) Jetted out of the arena a little past 5:00 pm, changed shirts, headed to the Big O with Cat Raz, Walter and Sarah to watch the Monster Spectacular monster truck show. It did not disappoint. Check this out if you don’t believe me:

Yeah, that fucking happened. A monster truck in the shape of a school bus jumping over a fire truck, that wreckage down in the bottom corner? That’s an RV. I don’t understand how this isn’t a national sport somewhere.

4) Headed out for late night eats and to watch the Blackhawks vs Phoenix game. Blackhawks won in OT. Fuck you Jaime.

5) Got up relatively early and headed back to the arena for Day 2 of the Beast of the East. Sadly, 2 of the 3 Montreal teams got knocked out in the quarter finals. I snapped some photos and tweeted Beast most of the weekend over on the official 9to5 (dot cc) Twitter Page my favorite of the bunch? This cool shot of Ti Loup after having a huge jam to give the Contrabanditas the lead (even though they sadly ultimately lost it was a great moment). The crowd was going nuts and Loup just looked completely exhausted:

I like the way she somehow looks all alone out there on the track.

6) After a brief visit to the unofficial old man bar after party I headed home to catch up on Game of Thrones.

Suffice it to say, I was not prepared to write this article at all. I think that 500 words and 2 photos is a reasonable length for an article. I know Jon’s been destroying it recently with his well thought out well researched articles so fuck you.

Oh yeah! Site stuff for you loyal readers who actually follow along with what we’re doing on a regular basis:

Until further notice (aka: the end of the first story arch) I’ll be posting a new edition of Fear and Loathing After the Bomb every Tuesday, including tomorrow.

Scott still has Templars running on Wednesdays. Soon to be joined by the all new 9to5 (illustrated) strips.

Thursdays should be podcasts, but not this Thursday, we just don’t have the time to record one. However, we are recording one this Thursday, which should be up by the weekend. We’re also recording one on Monday, and maybe another one some time next week. We’re trying to bank a few of them to make that Thursday thing stick.

Fridays all always is Sophie and Scott alternating Fine Arts.

We also should be introducing the new 9to5 (dot cc) 2012 flyers soon! So that way we can hand you useless pieces of cardstock every time we see you! Hurray! We’ve also got pins! People love pins.

God that coffee was terrible


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