This is no secret. I am not ashamed. No, i am proud to be a geek!

But this weekend, i have attained new levels of geekiness. The cause?

As many of you know, i play World Of Warcraft. Well a couple of weeks ago, i got bored and make a new toon, this time choosing a different faction (Horde) and race (Orc). And you know what? I fucking LOVE how female Orcs look. If Xena was a WOW toon, she would be a female Orc. They are awesome! So powerful! Okay maybe not as… umm… esthetically pleasing as a Blood Elf, but hell. I wanna be a female Orc and be awesome. Fuck this “pretty and delicate” shit. This revelation, combined with the fact that i have too much free time, and that i am a trained special effects make-up artist, with a soon approaching FanExpo and/or Halloween, well i got working.

I have sculpted my very own set of tusks. I plan to transform myself into an awesome, proud and fierce  Orc Warrior! I have managed to finish my first attempt on the tusks. Here they are.











I can`t get over how awesome these look.

Now the issue with these is, i didn`t push the angle outward enough. When i close my mouth, i am forced to push my lower jaw forward a little. This is fine, it adds to the “Orcish” appearance and all, however they press uncomfortable on my upper lip. Some slight adjustment is needed there to be able to speak somewhat normally, avoid drooling and general skin irritation hahahaha!

Once these are completed, i`ll be shopping around for the right shades of green to paint my skin with. Given the tusks, and the costume i plan on putting together, i need something that won`t rub off on prolonged contact, and even regular contact out of respect for people and things i may touch. So an alcohol based makeup is necessary. I have quite a bit of this, but not in the exact tones i would need, or quantity.

All this being said, i also need to get my butt back on P90X so i can develop fierce abs and impressive biceps to pull off a convincing Orc Warrior 🙁

That, my friends, will be the REAL challenge.

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