It’s the middle of January. There’s snow everywhere outside, and where there’s no snow, there’s slush. It’s tough living through the winter without a little musical pick me up. So here are four new tracks that I’ve been checking out.

Macklemore & RYAN LEWIS – THRIFT SHOP feat. WANZ

The comedy rap game is ever present, but this track is both clever and original. The beat is catchy, and self deprecating rhymes always have an appeal with me. Keith showed it to me last night, and I must have already listened to it a dozen times, head bobbing along as I made my way to and from work.

It doesn’t hurt that I also totally appreciate a good thrift shop find.

Those Trees – Twisted Hook

Those Trees are a local indie band from here in Montreal. They’re working on a new album, and this song is sort of a preview for it. It’s a pretty little song that just sort of floats along. It’s good “looking out the bus window on a cold grey day” music.


Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs (Cover)

I was surfing around YouTube when I came across this one. Covering the Arcade Fire is a risky undertaking for any band, but I like this cover. It has this pulsing, driving rhythm that propels the song along, and adds a bit of an alien/uncomfortable tone to a song that otherwise is warm and comfortable. Sometimes just being different is good enough.


A$AP Rocky – Long Live A$AP

Man, I don’t know when hip-hop merged with indie rock, but I strongly suspect that Kid Cudi had something to do with it. This song is all over the place, switching back and forth from hard to flighty and back again. ASAP controls his lyrics pretty tightly, and is getting a lot of hype, touted as the next big thing by a few people. I’ll reserve judgement, for now. But for now, I’ll also listen to this one a few more times.