I got up early this morning to go see the media screener with Keith. It wasn`t easy folks… i worked until 3am last night, and Keith has his 4 to midnight schedule to deal with as well. But we did it, and holy shit was it worth it!

I`m telling you now, go see this movie. Click me i`m a link to the showtime! It is crazy fun, sometimes touching (consensually) and all around funny in that Simon Pegg + Nick Frost way. I laughed like a retard and immediately felt self conscious every time because i laughed loud. But it`s ok everyone else was as well.

The Famous CockLet me start by showing you this photo here. We all know this guy… no not Simon Pegg. I mean a famous cock. We have all had, at one point in our lives, that one friend who just… well who was a cock. A lovable cock, but a cock nonetheless. Cock. Cock cock cock.

I just like saying cock!

Ok moving on. We`ve all at one point in time known a cock (hehe) that we remember fondly, sometimes perhaps a bit bitterly. We may have lost track of him throughout the years and wondered what became of him. Either way, when he was around, he was The Man. He for some reason had more self confidence and delusions of “cool” in his little finger than the rest of the group combined. He lead us around and allowed for us to participate in things we otherwise would only have been casual envious observers to.

That friend!

I have to say… i immediately felt nostalgia. The bad black hair dye job, the long black coat and Sisters Of Mercy shirt… oh late 80s early 90s of my youth!

So after something like 20 years, he pops up on your doorstep unannounced with some cockamamie plan to relive the good old days in one crazy night, and somehow he manages to convince you and everyone else to tag along. A bittersweet trip down memory lane. Or so they thought…


We follow these young men


These Young Men

As they have become today

As They Have Become

As they attempt to drink 12 pints in 12 pubs, in a single night. Old scars come out, buried frustrations, betrayals, and secrets. Just when you think this is pretty much an enjoyable, modernized version of a John Hughes movie, the cock gets in a fight in the bathroom and takes a kid`s head clean off. And by kid, i mean Alien Robot. Aaaaannnnnnd the fight for survival is on! Incredible fight choreography, i seriously didn`t expect as much, it was so dynamic! I am happy to see Simon Pegg`s crew is back with such a strong movie, i can`t wait to see the next.

Seriously guys, a super fun watch, go see it with your pals. There is no downside to this. I give it a 5 Sleep-Deprived-Caffeine-Buzzed-Sophie`s out of 5!!!

Best Friends Forever!

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