I was just telling Jon i feel intellectually inadequate to write this review hahaha! Here i am at home, having seen the play, and i`ve been staring at my screen for a while with no clue how to start. Ok i guess i`ll open with this: I absolutely love Clive Barker. He has a certain romanticism in his horror writing that allows even me, the greatest chicken-shit there ever was, to enjoy horror films and stories. The way he presents them is just so ethereal and graceful, murderous acts and gore infused images aside, it makes me happy even though it creeps me out a little bit. He tends to presents a certain existentialist conundrum that makes me think, i have to appreciate that.

So naturally, i was very excited to see this production, and i was not disappointed. Here are my thoughts on Title 66 Productions` performance of Clive Barker`s play.

Logan Williams as Lilith

Logan Williams Unleashed, as Lilith

What must first be mentioned is that this is a play rich with a great number of characters, and only a handful of actors to play them. Aside from Lucas Chartier-Dessert (Lucifer) all actors played several roles. They managed to execute this in a fun way, usually changing costumes right there on stage, while still delivering lines. It was a nice way to make the audience feel a bit more connected to the storytelling.

I was very impressed with some of the character changes. They were quite drastic and instantaneous, they pulled it off nicely.

It did take me a little while to get into it, i have to admit. It could be i was distracted, but i had a hard time understanding one of the first 3 actors on stage. The demon Verrier, played by Delphine DiTecco, has an arrogant, aggressive and beastly demeanor and manner of speech. I feel this could be downplayed a tiny little bit, as i didn`t understand all she said. That being said i loved her other character portrayals and understood them just fine.

Once i got into it, i was hooked. The story was humorous and smart, thoughtful and shocking, many things rolled into one, wrapped up in a gorgeous set design and overall look. All things that make Sophie squee. The set was so simplistic yet visually striking. Everything grabbed the eye, including props and costumes!

I won`t go into story development details as i am hoping anyone reading this will go see the show`s other two representations, and i don`t want to ruin it. (showtimes)

I will gush about The Devil, however. What a character. I know you just want to say duh, but i don`t care! This was an awesome character brilliantly played by actor Lucas Chartier-Dessert. He was layered and charismatic, devious, manipulative, innocent, wrathful, well-meaning and above all, very human. Lucas brought to the character an undeniable grace, in even so small an action as sitting on a bench. He carried himself beautifully and beamed a perfect balance of confidence and self doubt, showing us one of the many ways Lucifer so easily charms sympathy out of us mere mortals.

left: James Harrington as Nicholas Vidal right: Lucas Chartier-Dessert as Lucifer

left: James Harrington as Nicholas Vidal
right: Lucas Chartier-Dessert as Lucifer

It does`t hurt when he looks the way he does either. Am i right ladies? Eh? He`s a handsome Devil, that Lucas.

Another actor that really jumped out for me is James Harrington. Playing the two-faced demon Belial or the judge Felix Popper, he was entertaining… but he really blew me away with his heart wrenching Dante, and his beautifully articulated Jack Easter. This is a strong performer i very much hope to see in many more productions to come.

As for director Jeremy Michael Segal, you go man. Well done. 22 years old, and you have created a beautiful and original production. Everything about this was refreshing to me, and i cannot wait to see what you will come up with in the future.

So in all seriousness folks, go see this play. It is a great story and a fantastic production. Not to mention Tittle 66 is a local production company! We need to encourage this so we can have more of it! Go like their facebook page! They`re only getting started here, and i certainly plan on keeping track.

A big thank you to Janis Kirshner for allowing me to attend, despite my missing the deadline to RSVP

Photographs by Julia Milz

Lucas Chartier-Dessert as Lucifer

Lucas Chartier-Dessert as Lucifer