The last film I got to see at Fantasia this year was the one I was most excited about. It just seemed so fun! The description did mention that a Hollywood remake starring Kevin Hart is in production, but I wanted to make sure I saw the original.

What is it? A group of detectives from the narcotics division, known for screwing up more often than succeeding, are sent on a stakeout. Across from the building they are watching is a fried chicken restaurant that just happens to be up for sale. Desperate not to lose the one chance they have at a good observation spot, they throw all their life savings into buying the place. To keep up the cover, they keep making chicken for the occasional clients, but…

Turns out it’s the tastiest chicken ever and they become victims of their own success. The lines get blurred between cover and real life, as they try to succeed in both ventures.

I mean, it had the potential to be a silly, cliché movie with a few laughs. However it showed itself to be engaging, fun, and really smart in it’s comedy and timing. I enjoyed each of the actors, the Captain in particular (Ryu Seung-ryong). There is a bit of action, but not an overwhelming amount. I find most cop movies can be a bit over the top with that stuff, so it was refreshing to see the film focused more on the story than on stunts and explosions.

The audience seemed to love it as much as I did, laughing and reacting the whole way through. I very glad to have caught the original in theaters, and I hope the Hollywood production does not overshadow this films success.