The 2017 Fantasia International Film Festival is already in full swing, but here at the 9to5 desk I wanted to point out a few titles that I’m particularly excited about.  There are 148 films showing this year, *perhaps* too many for even the most hardcore attendee to experience, and I thought I’d weigh in with my hot picks for this year.  I might be wrong, but, dear reader, I also might be right.


The Endless

The Endless [Justin Benson, Aaron Moorehead]


This is the next film from the team that brought us 2012’s Resolution.  I can’t stress enough what a memorable, touching, and disturbing little horror flick that was.  On 9to5’s definitive list of the greatest films ever made Resolution stands tall at #17, somewhat above the new Star Wars.  It is not a joke to say that we’ve been looking forward to this for years.  It’s about a UFO death cult which is exciting, but if these two made a movie about My Little Pony I’d still have this is as my #1 hype pick.

The Endless plays Tuesday August 1st at 19:00 at Hall.

78/5278/52 [Alexandre Philippe]


This docco was an official selection from Sundance 2017, and as a man with a deep love of anything people get strangely obsessed about it would be impossible to pass up.  This is a feature length picture exploring the legendary shower scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho.  The film features a wide variety of horror directors and actors talking about it and its wide reaching impact on cinema in general.  If you’re a film afficionado (and if you’re reading this you probably are) this is officially unmissable.


78/52 plays Thursday July 20th at 22:00 and Wednesday 26th at 13:15 at de Seve.

Another Wolfcop

Another Wolfcop [Lowell Dean]


I won’t hide the fact that I was disappointed by the original Wolfcop.  It was a great premise, had great characters and execution but was hampered by insufficient commitment to Wolfcop.  They had something good and showed restraint when they needed savage wolfy abandon.  More blood, more action, more violence, and more Wolfcop.  Well, all the signs are pointing to Another Wolfcop dialing the Wolfcop up to 11, and that means I’m aboard the Wolfcop hype train.  Choo choo.


Another Wolfcop plays Saturday July 29th at 14:40 at Hall.

Atomic BlondeAtomic Blonde [David Leitch]


Is is possible to be burned out on kickass femme fatale films?  I’m God damned right it is.  This isn’t exactly a saturated genre but finding ones that stand out can be a trial and is it possible that we won’t exceed some of the classics?  Maybe.  But this is directed by David Leitch who directed John Wick and starring Charlize Theron who killed it in Arrest… I mean Mad Max: Fury Road.  This is a pairing that must be seen.  John Wick was a masterpiece of action cinema.  Do not miss this film.


Atomic Blonde plays Tuesday July 25th at 21:30 at Hall.