Friday night, I was lucky enough to be let in to see Tales of Halloween! I showed up a good hour ahead of time, but it was a sold out show and the media/VIP/industry line was already pretty long. I was on my own, but thankfully I ran into some friends and felt a bit reassured. This looked like it would be quite a bit freakier than the other horror films I`d seen at the festival so far.Tales of HalloweenThis movie is composed of 10 short stories, all of which occurring in the same town on one Halloween night. Each story has a different director/writer, thought they did collaborate and communicate with each other to have the stories overlap in fun ways, and to make sure no one was doing anything too similar to another.

It was crazy fun! The stories were super diverse, as were the styles. You had your classic boogeyman with ‘Sweet Tooth’ (I gotta say that one creeped me out a bit) spooky ghost lady, plenty of gore, good lord was there gore, hilarious hijinks and amazing b-movie type monsters (those pumpkins omg) Demon!

Speckled with cameos from several actors and SFX makeup galore, this movie had the crowd cheering. I`m actually hoping they do at least one more like this, it could be like a Halloween tradition!

I think what I loved most about this was how different each directing style was. One that really stood out to me in this respect was where these three bullies pick on a kid in this strange get up. He runs and they chase him on their bicycles, until they catch up and are faced with more than what they expected. The name of the story escapes me, sadly, but I thought it was really well done.

It had a bit of a western feel, with the close ups and silent build ups. It used great dramatic lighting that really enhanced the tension as well.

Definitely a good watch, and if it hits theaters here soon I`ll definitely go see it again!




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