Here I tread into more familiar ground; An adorable animated film! I took a break from all the scary or shocking and dramatic movies and settled in for something cute. Sophie is very pleased! I longed for something cute and

Minuscule, I was surprised to learn as I was handed thick futuristic looking glasses when I entered the cinema, is a 3D movie. Had I paid attention to the film`s description blurb, I might have appeared to look a bit less like a wandering idiot to the staff.

Moving right along.

This movie follows the adventures of a young ladybug, separated from his family. After wandering about the forest, he is quickly taken in by a group of ants out gathering food. On their way to the anthill, they encounter a gang of fire ants who decide to wage an all out war on the anthill.

Another surprise to me was that throughout the entire movie, not a single word was spoken. No dialogue! When I realized this I thought this might just be a bit too “made for kids” for my taste, but honestly, no. The animation was just fantastic and so expressive, you really got a feel for the characters` personalities and moods. It was really well done.

I loved this movie. I loved every second. It was funny and charming, had action and drama, some ‘ouch my feels’ here and there, and my favorite scene was a high speed chase scene, in flight! It was so cool!

See this movie for something light hearted and sweet, and absorb all the cute. Absooorrrrrb iiiiitttt…


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