Day 4! Honestly, how could I resist. I’ve wanted to do a Jessica Rabbit cosplay for a while now, this felt like a good first step haha!

No one suggested this one, it was just for me.

If you saw the previous challenges, you’ll notice my hair is a darker red… I wanted to refresh my colour so I would have a more rich and vibrant red for my Jessica photos. Commitment, people. I then spent like an hour blow-drying and curling my hair to get it to fall just right. For real though, I admire people who spend this much effort on their hair on a regular basis, I rarely ever do it and just this was like, ugh enough.

While I was out shopping for hair dye, I managed to find a glue stick for my brows! I applied a few layers while I was doing my hair, and let it dry completely. I had a hard time telling if it was perfectly smooth just like that… in retrospect, I should have powdered them to see the results before going in with foundation. Speaking of which, turns out my Makeup Forever HD cream wasn’t opaque enough to completely cover up my dark brown eye brows. Still though, quite an improvement from my first attempt. I think next time I’ll try either airbrush or Kryolan’s Dermacolor.

Either way, I dabbed on the HD cream foundation with a beauty blender again, contoured with the usual Shade & Light palette and highlighted subtly with the Senegence Pearlizer. I love that thing.

With a liner brush and pale brown powder, I traced out the rough shape I wanted for the eye-shadow. I didn’t wanna go full vertical like Toon Jessica, so I extended out to the sides a bit. I went with Urban Decay’s Electric Palette for the purple, Shadowsense – Onyx for crease and liner, and OCC pearly loose powder for the center of the lid.

I painted my brows on using Shadowsense – Garnet and tried to make them as symmetrical as possible in the time I had left… I had to get my ass to work. Glued on a few individual lashes from MUF and mixed 2 Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, Nazh Fur Atoo and Outlaw, then added a dab of Pearlizer to create a plump effect.