I have not absorbed my coffee yet, my neck hurts, and had i not put an alarm in my phone reminding me that it was my turn to post in Fine Arts Fridays, There would be no art today. The post`s title reflects my pre-coffee absorption pronunciation of the english language, plus it make me giggle.

So i have this thing where i makes friends in World Of Warcraft when i play. And sometimes, i like them enough to draw their character for them for various reasons. In this case, it was to thank him for including me in his guild, and i think it may have been his birthday i don`t remember clearly. Anywho, here be Kouki, Guild Master and Raid Leader of The Evolutionists.













I was particularly happy with this. I`ve never drawn a human/animal hybrid before, so i took extra care in researching my references for body shapes and generic werewolf type anatomy. I was mostly nervous about how the face would turn out, and how to color the hands. I kinda botched up the color on the fingers but all in all i`m super happy with the whole thing. I`m also glad i only drew on partial armor. Just makes for a more interesting figure.

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