I can sometimes be silly, like choosing my Fantasia International Film Festival movies based on titles and photos, instead of what the description of the event of film is. More often that not, when I do this, I am disappointed. However, not this time!

I saw a photo of Betty Page, being spanked by another lovely lady, along with the title A History of the “Stag” Film. I figured oh neat! A documentary about how these things got started out!


Turns out this was a Lecture and Screening, hosted by Philippe Spurrell and Thomas Waugh, both draped in nothing but smoking jackets. Throughout the evening, they presented a series of short stag films, preceded by short commentaries giving information about them and the time they were produced. They were quirky and funny (if not corny) and provided an interesting and fun presentation.

I do apologize to anyone reading this who was in attendance, I was the one, along with my dear friend Rachel, who was heckling and laughing loudly. I realize we weren`t the only ones, but we may have gotten carried away 🙂  It was all in good fun. One thing we really did appreciate and in no way mocked, was that all the featured ladies were completely unaltered. I`m talking small, natural breasts, not all the same unmoving shape either! Abundant pubic hair was also featured, as well as minimal make up. It was very refreshing to see versatility of that sort, and in my opinion, made it all the more sexy.

Just as I was accepting this format for the night, they introduced a full length feature film, made in 1974, about a washed up director who makes stag films out of his own home. Inserts.

1974 poster Richard Dreyfuss









Starring very young Richard Dreyfuss and Bob Hoskins. There were only three other cast members, that along with the way it was written gave the whole movie a very theatrics production feel. I`m sure the whole thing could be re-done on the stage and do very well.

In all seriousness though, this film kinda blew me away. I was not prepared.

It was extremely well written. The actors did a great job portraying the style of the 1920s, in which this film was set, and the simplicity of the set and accessories permitted you to fully focus on their expression and dialogue. It was beautiful to watch.

This is a dark comedy, with themes I would not recommend to the easily perturbed or offended (simulated rape promoted as smut, drug abuse, and casual violence/abuse toward women) but I strongly recommend giving this a watch. Not only is it a good insight on how things were way back in the day within the industry, but it will make you stop and think about a thing or two, and very likely will have you shifting in your seat once or twice. One scene in particular was quite stirring *ahem* I won`t say which. That`s private!

And hey, if the film`s pace is a bit too slow for you, two lovely ladies and one spry young man spend roughly half the movie naked or partially disrobed, providing eye candy at the very least.

Veronica Cartwright & Stephen DaviesJessica Harper








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