I am currently working on a side project with my dear friend Robyn, in which she is the weaver of tales and i the instrument of their physical manifestation.

Ok it`s late, i just watched Blade Runner with Jon, and i`m feeling overly poetic. I mean to say she is writing the script to a comic that i will illustrate. In no means will this diminish my role here on 9to5, it`s just that we both got scary inspired and it needs to get out.

I`ll be employing a very different art style for this comic. While the 9to5 employs a minimalist comic style, i`ll be pushing my limits in this new project.

I won`t say anything about the plot or setting, as i feel it would ruin the reveal once we start publishing. But we decided to call it Thistledown, and i want to share with you one of the main characters conceptual sketch.

Here is Malcom, Knight Of Thistles.

As you can see, there were some small changes from sketch to ink. Like the scar. I just felt it needed to exist hahaha can`t really explain it. Robyn weaved it into the story, genius that she is.

Pencil SketchInk Test

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