What is this and why should you care?  This is where we take a look at the worst thing ever.  Plenty of people like watching challenging movies, maybe horror films that are scary or art pieces that change how we think about the world.  Maybe your friends have told you about how crazy Haute Tension is or how much sex there is in Caligula or maybe even how hard it is to watch Anticristo.  Well now, there exists a film that merges the very worst of so many genres into some mecha-voltron assemblage that is so much better (worse) than the sum of it’s parts.

See, once upon a time there was an author who enjoyed delving into the darkest recesses of the human condition, and whilst imprisoned in the Bastille for poisoning prostitutes with spanish fly and for sodomy with a manservant he wrote his opus, The 120 Days of Sodom.  He was so proud of his work that he “wept tears of blood” when he feared it lost.  The book was supposed to be an unforgettable descent into the darkest depths of depravity.  The man was called the Marquis de Sade, and is the reason we have the word sadistic, so, y’know, mission accomplished there, buddy.

Naturally, in the ’70s some people decided this book needed to be turned into a movie, and naturally these people were Italian.

What follows is a quick look at just how crazy this all is.  Gentle readers should beware of NSFW language, and NSFL imagery taken from the film.  I cannot stress enough just how graphic this is going to get, so unless you’re considered an adult wherever you are and you happen to be willing to see absolutely horrific imagery, please don’t keep reading.




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