Some of you may know already, but my brother is moving back to Montreal this weekend. That`s right, both Ricards in the same city once more.

My niece, Kami, requested that i please please please paint a mural of a pink beach in her new bedroom, with a pink sky and pink water. She is 8 years old… in her opinion everything should be pink. On the other side, my brother was saying there was no way we could use that much pink. Well, i found a way to compromise in my design to make the both of them happy. So i sketched it out and sent it out to them for approval.

It seems both were quite happy with it! So i spent about 8 hours straight on it yesterday. Let me tell you, my arms are sore. It had been a while since i`d done a mural. But yes so i managed to complete the whole thing in a day, as well as painting all the trimmings the same shade as the sky, as well as a neat border for where the head of her bed will be.











I think she will like it, but i am hoping she will flip her shit hahahaha i want her to love it!!!