Friends! Allies! Countrymen! Though, I suppose if you want to be accurate we are not in fact countrymen. There has been no concept of a “country” for decades now. At least, not one that you or I should even consider supporting. It is with a heavy heart that I must concede the slightest of victories for that asshole Vincent Conroy. My benefactor who must of course remain anonymous brought disturbing news to my attention in the nick of time.

It seems that Conroy got close to me. Too close to me. Of course I know that he and his cohorts must be reading each and every word that I write, looking for clues to my whereabouts and allies. Of course I know that there is some sort of bounty on my head and that ever man, woman and child that I encounter will potentially betray me and deliver me directly into Conroy’s bloodthirsty maw. I am not a fool. Though some would say that my desire to relentlessly pursue the Truth and expose the greed, gluttony and corruption of our leaders is a foolish endeavour.

You see, there was an attempt on my life last night. An attempt that may well have been successful had I not been warned in time. I won’t get into the details since if I do, Conroy would know which tactic his crony employed to try and unearth me. I won’t give him any leads on how to kill me. He won’t find me until I want to be found.

Suffice it to say, when your man doesn’t report in this morning Conroy it’s because he had a crowbar jammed up his ass into his inards. He won’t be doing much of anything anymore.

However, in an unusual display of caution on my part I must temporarily halt my regular updates. Conroy is too close. I can’t die now.

Stay tuned readers, I will return and when I do, the decaying halls of power will be crumbling around me.

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